About Us

Julie’s Bicycle is a pioneering not-for-profit mobilising the arts and culture to take action on the climate and ecological crisis. 

Founded by the music industry in 2007 and now working across the arts and culture, JB has partnered with over 2000 organisations in the UK and internationally. Combining cultural and environmental expertise, Julie’s Bicycle focuses on high-impact programmes and policy change to meet the climate crisis head-on.


Julie’s Bicycle mobilises the arts and culture to act on the climate and ecological crisis.


JB supports the arts and culture to:

  • Become net zero carbon and restore nature.
  • Inspire public action on climate and ecology.
  • Champion environmental justice and fairness.


The climate crisis is a cultural crisis

To build the consensus for rapid action on climate change, a shift in cultural attitudes, narratives and practices is needed.

The power of culture 

Arts and culture play a powerful role in our lives and can inspire audiences, shift hearts and minds and create new ways of living and working.

Science, data and expertise 

We are guided by a deep respect for science, data and expertise. Robust information and research underpins our work.

Justice and fairness 

JB champions climate justice across the cultural community. We recognise that the climate and ecological crisis has its roots in harmful systems and unfairly impacts those who have contributed least to its causes.

It takes everyone

The collective strength of the cultural community is a unified movement of action. Encompassing many perspectives and voices, working towards a shared purpose, our community stretches the boundaries of what’s possible.

Hear about Julie’s Bicycle from our community. Watch the film. 

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