Charise Johnson

Andrea & Charise - photo James Allan

Charise Johnson, science policy researcher and environmental justice advocate, joined the Julie’s Bicycle team in September 2021. She leads on the policy research across JB programmes, manages the delivery of the Creative Climate Leadership programme, oversees JB’s environmental and climate justice work alongside the Climate Justice Lead, and represents JB at public engagements. Charise has a broad remit, with experience working on ocean conservation, scientific integrity, environmental justice and science policy.

Charise is a co-founder of Solidaritree, a creative environmental community run by women of colour who champion partnership and collaboration, challenge exclusionary narratives around the environment and the distribution of resources, and accessibly communicate the urgent need for change. She is a committee member of Science London, training and enabling scientists and science communicators to employ equitable practice within their work.

Charise served on the leadership board of the volunteer-led advocacy group 500 Women Scientists, where she worked on advancing gender and racial equity in STEM. She is also a mentor for Terra, an organisation that aims to get 100 million people from various professional backgrounds working on climate change by 2030. She holds a BA in Psychology, an MS in Environmental Science, and is interested broadly in equity and justice aspects of science, environment and society, sprinkled with a good dose of humour.

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