Fanis Lampousis

Fanis Lampousis headshot
Fanis previously worked in the Royal Academy of Engineering as a Further Education resource developer and trainer to provide the next generation of new, advanced and higher qualified technicians with the skills required to work in areas critical to economic growth, including entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and the net zero carbon economy by leading on the development of new, high-quality contextualised teaching and learning resources.

He also worked as an Academic Manager for the Science and Engineering department in Kaplan International College London, a Higher and Further Education institution, leading the science and engineering team with whom he worked to develop the learning experience of students based on technology enhanced and flipped learning as well as coordinating the college’s Virtual Learning Environment and the student’s e-Portfolio platform.

In addition, he holds a MSc in Electrical and Computer engineering specialised in Energy from the National Technical University of Athens and his interests include sustainability, net zero technologies, and renewable energy engineering.

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