The Climate Connection

In the lead up to the United Nations COP26 Climate Summit, Julie’s Bicycle has worked in partnership with the British Council for The Climate Connection, a global platform for dialogue, cooperation and action against climate change. 

Together with partners across the world, Julie’s Bicycle has delivered four international digital Roundtables, a vital piece of arts policy and environment research, and a film series focused on climate justice through an arts and cultural lens. 

The outcomes are now published in a suite of reports housed on the Culture and Environment Policy Portal

Culture and Environment Roundtables

In summer 2021, a series of digital Culture and Environment Roundtables were held in four countries: Turkey, Indonesia, Colombia and Nigeria with a final event in Milan to coincide with the COP26 youth summit, Youth4Climate. 

Selected participants from environmental and cultural fields came together – including policy-makers, municipalities, artists and cultural organisations – for high-level conversations exploring how culture, and cultural policy specifically, is responding to the climate crisis.

Read the Roundtables reports and visual minutes for a summary of the outcomes on our dedicated page.

Culture: The Missing Link to Climate Action Research Summary Report 

The latest international research by Julie’s Bicycle  – Culture: The Missing Link to Climate Action –  is the result of collaborative working with partners across the world.

Read the Summary Report on the research insights page

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