Creative Green Consultancy

Creative Green bespoke consultancy services are tailored to you.

The consultancy team can create a programme of activities to energise and catalyse lasting environmental change within your organisation or network, wherever you are on your sustainability journey, from an early to advanced stage.

Once organisations begin to work with the us, appetite grows to build sustainability into their organisational resilience. So we also offer one-to-three year packages to support organisations and networks over the longer-term.

Our unique Creative Green framework is based around three principles:

  • Commitment to environmental governance integrated with broader organisational values. This includes assessment of policies, staff responsibilities, procurement, stakeholder communications and engagement.
  • Understanding environmental impacts and how they influence the attitudes of your organisation/network. This includes measurement, monitoring and analysis. Carbon footprint (Scope 1,2 and 3).
  • Improvement to achieve reductions in your environmental impacts, towards achieving Zero Carbon.



Creative Green programmes focus on:

Organisational governance

  • Environmental and green procurement policies
  • Action plan development
  • Stakeholder communications and engagement strategies
  • Green riders for touring

Staff capacity building

  • Staff training and mentorship
  • Sustainability roles and responsibilities
  • Formation of a sustainability team
  • Internal handbook and new staff induction support
  • Staff engagement campaigns, talks and workshops

Understanding and analysis

  • Building energy-saving audits and identifying saving opportunities
  • Energy monitoring and management
  • Environmental analysis for tours and exhibitions
  • Guidance on green procurement (energy, waste and water), carbon offsetting and sponsorship
  • Capital project sustainability scoping and environmental performance evaluation
  • Attitudinal surveys for staff and audiences
  • Analysis of green products, services and business models

Communications and engagement

  • Sustainable events production, curation, and strategy
  • Communications strategies
  • Case studies and press releases
  • Campaigns

Network collaborations

  • Identify and build network partnerships
  • Strategic development of network ambitions
  • Partner training and mentorship
  • Analysis of environmental impacts and progress of members and network
  • Facilitate sharing and learning

Creative work

  • Guidance creative work development, events and programming with sustainability themes
  • Building project collaborations
  • Cross-sector brokering

Hear from organisations we’ve worked with:

Working with Julie’s Bicycle has given us the support and guidance to re-imagine our environmental strategy and its implementation across the National Theatre. We are committed to firmly embedding sustainable values at the heart of our working culture and creative practice and are excited by our ongoing relationship with Julie’s Bicycle and their pioneering work in the creative industries.

– Lisa Burger, Executive Director, National Theatre

“Julie’s Bicycle took the time to understand us and tailor their approach to Focusrite, and ultimately have helped kick start our sustainability efforts. Our Green Team now has a significantly wider perspective of what the next steps are, something that would have taken significantly longer for us to achieve on our own.”

– Focusrite

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