36. How do I add data to my account?

To add data on your account you will first need to go to the Data page. On this page you will be presented with a selection of options:

Option 1: Add data to an existing Building or Project

Use Option 1 to create a new Footprint and add a year of data to your pre-existing Buildings or Projects. Use the filters to select your Building or Project followed by the year of your data entry.

Option 2: Create a new Building/Project

Use Option 2 to create a new Building or Project to report on. Once created you can create a Footprint to your Building/Project using Option 1.

Option 3: Edit an incomplete Footprint

Option 3 lists all the incomplete Footprints you have on your account for your different Buildings or Projects. Use this to quickly view and edit the Footprints you are still working on before you are ready to submit your data.

Option 4: Edit a completed footprint

Use Option 4 to edit any completed footprints for your Buildings or Projects. You can also edit these through the Footprints page.