What are the IG Tools?

The IG Tools are a set of carbon calculators designed by Julie’s Bicycle specifically for the creative industries.

The carbon calculators allow organisations to understand where their environmental impacts lie. They also allow organisations so create a baseline and continue measuring impacts enabling them to develop effective reduction strategies.

We’ve designed the Creative IG Tools to accurately measure impacts from activities such as venues and cultural buildings, outdoor events, offices, tours and productions, covering a range of impacts such as energy, water, waste, travel (i.e. audience, business, production, freight, fleet) etc. They take into account measurement challenges such as operating from a building you don’t own, understanding audience travel and home working.

The Tools include graph functionality so you can compare your impacts over time or between buildings/events/tours etc. You can also view your data using such metrics as per audience day, or per m 2, as well as comparing your data against industry averages (find out more about the benchmarks here). You can watch a webinar that will help you better understand how to make the most of the Tools’ functionality.