What do I need to do for the 2017/18 environmental reporting deadline?

As of 2015/16, the reporting requirements have been individually tailored to account for your organisation’s size, scope and activities and can be found clearly-stated in your Funding Agreement Conditions section 2.6.1.

The two requirements for 2017/18 are as follows:

  • Enter data outlined in your funding agreement onto the IG Tools, relating to April 2017 – March 2018. 
  • Have an environmental policy and action plan in place. This should be uploaded to the IG Tools website as soon as possible.

Your data should be 12 months of data for buildings, or cover your activities across that time period (for festivals, tours and productions where relevant). Your environmental policy and action plan should cover the 2017/18 reporting year (see below for help relating to these documents). 

The reporting deadline for both of these requirements is 31st May 2018.

After you have entered your data and documents, please notify Julie’s Bicycle by selecting the submit results for review button.You can find this button by selecting edit on your 2017/18 data entry and then selecting the view results tab – the button for submission is on the top-right of the screen.

Julie’s Bicycle will then verify your data and get in touch if there is anything that needs clarification. Once the data has been verified, we will be able to sign you off – please note, this may take a few weeks.

If, for any reason, you are experiencing problems or are unable to provide this data please contact Julie’s Bicycle as soon as possible.