Introducing Creative Climate Chats

While spaces remain closed, gatherings virtual, and the near future extremely uncertain, the impulse to return to life as it was is compelling. But Covid19 has exposed the fragility of business as usual; the unfairness, damage and vulnerability that has affected so many people, not least the creative community. 

Before we hurtle back to January we have a moment in which to take stock. The restart of our economy offers a once in a generation chance to reset the dial on what normal is, and what it should be. We may never again have a similar opportunity to align to a just transition that establishes the investment, systems and practices necessary to meet both the legally binding net zero challenge and put in place a more sustainable and equitable future for all life on earth. Rumour has it that COP26 won’t take place until November 2021. That’s a long time. We can use it well, share what we know and build momentum.

Nature has started to rejuvenate as greenhouse gas emissions have slowed. But with CO2 parts-per-million still higher than this time last year – 418.12 as compared to 414.85 – returning to the 2019 version of business as usual should be unthinkable. Determining how to do this whilst restoring culture to the thriving community it was at the turn of the year is full of dilemmas and difficult choices. Over the next few weeks Julie’s Bicycle will be exploring these through conversations, webinars and campaigns. 

Starting with a series of Creative Climate Chats – conversations with leading thinkers in culture and climate to discuss the issues, and offer some fixes, from their perspective. These will cover culture in the just transition, new economics for a regenerative economy, the net zero carbon challenge, and climate justice. 

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