Running from 2013-2016, EE MUSIC was a pan-European project co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Union. EE MUSIC aimed to scale up skills and knowledge within the music industry on energy efficiency and sustainable energy management, to stir up an industry-wide conversation amongst music event professionals, venues, and festivals on how they use energy, and provide the tools and resources necessary for that transition.

The initiative organised over 30 workshops and events in 24 countries; recruited ambassadors in countries including Slovakia, Spain, Norway, Lithuania, Austria, Romania, France, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, and the UK; produced a collection of resources and case studies on energy management for music venues and festivals including the translation of the Creative IG Tools into 7 languages; and mobilized hundreds of clubs, events and outdoor festivals to become part of a broader cultural movement towards a more intelligent energy future.

Project Partners: WIP Renewable Energies (Germany), Julie’s Bicycle (UK), Green Music Initiative (Germany), Elevate Festival (Austria), Terra Systemics (Portugal), Ekodoma (Latvia), Projects in Motion (Malta), Agentur Wicher (Austria), United Partners (Bulgaria).

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