The Green Escape

Since 2017, Julie’s Bicycle programmes The Green Escape at The Great Escape festival for new music in Brighton. What is the most meaningful thing we can do on climate change? Can artists really save the world – and is it even fair of anyone to ask them to? Through practical insights from those grappling with these questions, The Green Escape explores how different parts of the music ecosystem, from artists to agents, labels, venues, and promoters can collaborate to create a greener music industry, inspiring ambition and innovation. From activism to action, how can artists become a force for global environmental change? And how can we create a supportive and empowering industry framework?

Past speakers include Melvin Benn, MD, Festival Republic; Isla Angus, agent, ATC Live; Kate Nash, artist; Tony Wadsworth, chair, Julie’s Bicycle; and Richard Dent, social and political campaigns, Coldcut.

Every year, The Great Escape showcases 450 emerging artists from all over the world in 30+ walkable venues across Brighton, alongside a convention for music industry professionals.

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