Art Charter for Climate Action collaborates with UN Climate Change

As a founding member of the Art Charter for Climate Action (ACCA), Julie’s Bicycle is proud to join efforts with UN Climate Change to engage the global visual arts sector in transformative climate action, supporting the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Art Charter for Climate Action and UN Climate Change join efforts to engage global visual arts sector with climate action.

The Art Charter for Climate Action (ACCA) and UN Climate Change have announced a collaboration to join efforts on facilitating climate action across the global visual arts sector.

As a sector-led initiative, ACCA will become the visual arts pillar of UN Climate Change’s Entertainment & Culture for Climate Action alliance, which aims to accelerate the transition of arts, film, music and other relevant sectors to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement.

“In order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, it is essential that all sectors take transformative climate action now,” said UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell. “In addition to reducing its global emissions, arts and culture play a critical role in inspiring people to imagine and realise a low carbon, just and climate-resilient future.”

The partnership will join efforts to support implementation of climate action within the visual arts sector. UN Climate Change has committed to facilitate and support the work undertaken by ACCA’s Community Members and (future) signatories under the charter, as well as provide support with reporting and best practices to ACCA.

ACCA was established in 2023 by CIMAM, Julie’s Bicycle, Gallery Climate Coalition and ART 2030, who have a combined representation of over 1000 members from over 70 countries.

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