The Space 2022 Commissioning Round Now Open

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Digital Commissions with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility – in association with Julie’s Bicycle

Arts and cultural organisations based in England with environmentalism at their heart, including museums, libraries, community organisations and local councils with a cultural project, are encouraged to apply for a digital commission of up to £11,000 (excluding VAT) from digital agency The Space

We are all excited by the return of in-person cultural experiences, but there are many benefits of digital communication that shouldn’t be left behind. The team at The Space believe that digital practices can help us to improve the accessibility of artistic work and cultural collections, broaden the diversity of our audiences and make our sector more environmentally aware.

Julie’s Bicycle is excited to partner with The Space on this commission to support 10 digital projects with environmental responsibility at their heart. The Space is the organisation where arts, culture and digital combine. This partnership is about supporting the sector to understand digital impacts in a different way, with opportunities around minimising the footprint of digital experiences. You can read our 2020 briefing report on environmental sustainability and digital culture here.

To be eligible, your artwork could highlight themes relating to climate impact or the environment or be produced and/or distributed in an environmentally responsible way: we are open to both approaches. It could be a video or audio project, or an interactive or immersive experience.

More detail on the commission here.

If your application is successful, The Space can provide support in areas where you may need help, e.g., digital production, content distribution, audience development and online rights. The deadline for applications is Thursday 7th April at 5pm.

Apply Now

You will be contacted if your application is successful by 19th May 2022. Your project should be something your organisation can publish before the end of December 2022.

There will be an additional commissioning round not linked to any particular theme later in 2022.