World Environment Day: Our Podcast Recommendations

Person listening to a shell

As the climate and nature crisis gains momentum, it’s more important than ever to take action and stay informed and inspired. Podcasts offer a unique and accessible way to engage with environmental issues so we’ve put together the JB team’s favourite podcasts for you to have a listen to.

Whether you’re commuting to work or relaxing in the evening, grab your headphones and delve in…and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

Creative Climate Leadership podcastCCL podcast artwork

It would be rude not to mention our own podcast! This April we launched the first series of our Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) podcast featuring stories, insights and solutions from those in the creative community leading radical and transformational projects. Host Emmanuella Morsi is joined by fellow CCL alumni to discuss everything from climate justice to cultural policy.

LBE podcast artworkLand Bodies Ecologies (LBE)

This is a six part podcast series sharing stories of solastalgia from land-dependent and Indigenous communities affected by environmental change. From the home of the honeybee in the Mau Forest in Kenya to rotation farming in Northern Thailand, each episode is paired with another side of the same story – a B-side where the landscape speaks for itself. CCL alumni Jessica Sim has recently joined the LBE network, specifically contributing to the production of the LBE festival.


It’s a true-crime podcast about climate change. An obvious suggestion, but only because it’s undeniably and incisively good at getting to the heart of the beast(s). It’s hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt.

Green Dreamer

This podcast explores the paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalisation and wellness for all. Hosted by Kamea Chayne, an intersectional activist, it features voices from the frontlines of social and environmental justice movements.


Spill features climate news, culture and commentary from the team behind Hot Take and Drilled, including firm JB favourite, Mary Annaïse Heglar. It blends climate news updates and cultural commentary, plus a monthly Hot Take-style conversation. In their Earth Day episode in April they discuss the intersection between the war on Gaza and the climate crisis.

Future ObservatoryFuture Observatory artwork

How are designers responding to the climate crisis? Future Observatory is the Design Museum’s research programme. In the first series of their podcast hosts Juston McGuirk and Cher Potter talk to design researchers investigating alternative materials, methods and systems for a more ecologically conscious future.

Shado Lite

This podcast navigates the big issues, moving from apathy and overwhelm to collective action and hopeful pathways forward. From eco-anxiety to the importance of indigenous storytelling, hosts Larissa Kennedy and Creative Climate Leadership alumni Zoe Rasbash take you on a collective journey of learning.

Tipping Point: The True Story of “The Limits to Growth”Tipping Point podcast

A limited series peering behind the scenes of the personal, political, and academic/philosophical context of the 1972 study and what followed. Based on late author Donella (Dana) Meadows’ unpublished memoirs and featuring rare original audio recordings, this podcast accompanies Dana and Dennis Meadows and their team of scientists on their mission to educate the world about coming ecological crises and their solutions. A useful reminder of how deep and far back some of our narratives, understanding and fights go.

Sounds Like A Plan

It’s an insightful series of interviews hosted by journalist Greg Cochrane and musician and activist Fay Milton.You’ll hear from a variety of people – from artists to activists, record labels to data analysts – pushing forward music climate action behind the scenes and on stage. It features lots of JB friends and colleagues (plus our very own Music Lead Chiara Badiali features in their first series). It’s on a break currently but well worth a listen and hopes to return with a third series soon.

The Daily – Changing Ocean Temperatures episodeThe Daily podcast

We wanted to highlight an episode from The Daily by the New York Times. This particular episode focuses on the sharp rise in ocean temperatures. It’s a great example of discussing the topic using simple messaging that is engaging. “There’s no easy way to turn down the thermostat of the oceans.”

For more Julie’s Bicycle podcasts, check out our 2019 releases: on climate justice – The Colour Green; and on cultural and climate heritage – Green Heritage Futures.