JB’s 2019: A Year In Review

A year is a long time in Climate.

Ever since the October 2018 IPCC special report on climate change forecast 12 years to create the conditions to keep temperatures within safe limits, climate has, finally, exploded into the mainstream. Here we look back at a packed year, full of passions, programmes and provocations as we worked to inspire and equip the cultural sector to respond, with the urgent creativity required, to the #ClimateEmergency.

Climate Leadership and Training

We equip cultural professionals and artists with the knowledge and confidence to speak out and together on this issue, using their creativity to influence one another, audiences, and the wider movement.


We advocate to, and for, culture to publicly inspire action on climate change and sustainability at a huge amount of events across the UK and beyond.


From the launch of the major music industry campaign #MusicDeclares to the major push for young people to #RegisterForClimate in the lead up to the general election, its certainly been a busy year.

New Resources

From ways to address catastrophic biodiversity loss to how best to choose renewable energy for your business; podcasts on Climate Justice to the role of museums and heritage in climate futures, we’ve created a wide range of audio-visual resources to inform and inspire.

International Policy

Much of JB’s work takes on the global context of the role of cities in addressing the climate crisis, from our pan European C-Change programme to our work with C40 cities, take a look at some of our key moments.


We’ve been galvanised to work ever harder by three key awards this year for our work, and that of the wider Music Declares movement.

In the media

We’ve featured in a range of podcasts and programmes exploring climate and culture throughout the year – with media appearances spiking in November after Coldplay and Massive Attack made public commitments to urgently address the impacts of touring.

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