• Posted on October 20th, 2022

Energy Impacts: Taking meaningful action in the midst of a crisis

Tree in concrete stairwell

Not only are we facing a climate and ecological crisis, but an energy crisis that further threatens the survival of arts and cultural institutions. The pandemic, impacts of climate change and soaring energy prices are accelerating the urgent need for change, through much-needed changes to energy policy and the energy system itself. 

This crisis goes beyond the ability of the sector to adapt and reduce use, though we must do so, and urgently. The way that we produce and consume energy is deeply interconnected with climate change, issues of social justice and tied to political will, levels of investment, development and uptake of low carbon technologies.

This report aims to unpack a complex issue, and explain the big picture: the energy industry’s role in fuelling the climate crisis, how it needs to change, the current policy context and how culture can respond. It explains how the current energy crisis has come about, answers some of the common misnomers around the energy market, looks at the role of renewable energy, and how we can transition towards the system that we need in a just and equitable way.

This report is intended for anyone working in the cultural sector who is interested in learning more about these issues.

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