Farah Ahmed

Farah Ahmed joined the Julie’s Bicycle team in September 2016. She supports the delivery of events and the Creative Climate Justice programme, developing resources, training and advocacy, connecting environmental, racial and social justice, and creative activism. Her interest lies in how art can reshape narratives to centre solutions from the frontlines of climate impacts.
Farah began as the Julie’s Bicycle Company Administrator and has previously worked in the hospitality and fashion industries.
Farah is a co-founder and facilitator of Diaspora Futures, a reflective space for people of colour to centre collective care in the face of the climate crisis. She is on the sounding board for Arvae, a site-specific experiment in collaborative work between artists, scientists and regional (environmental) experts in Arosa, Switzerland. She an alumni of the peer-led accelerator programme Enrol Yourself, where she developed a self-portraiture project exploring climate grief, mental health and activism. She is also an Arts Emergency mentor.
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