Jack Preece

After completing his Master’s research project in 2018, Jack joined Julie’s Bicycle in June 2019 after a period of working in corporate environmental and energy consultancy, where he worked on a variety of projects, including: legislative compliance with UK, EU and international regulations; auditing and data analytics; energy efficiency; and sustainability consulting. His heart and flare really lie in the music and festivals sector though, where the pioneering work of Julie’s Bicycle, the EE Music Project and Powerful Thinking inspires his prize-winning postgraduate research into the continuing acceleration in the sustainable festival and music spheres.

Utilising his knowledge of energy management, live events and legislation, Jack focuses most of his energy on the Policy and Cities programme where he advises cultural and policy actors on adopting sustainable approaches in areas such as: plastics and waste management, food and beverage, green public procurement, and sustainable event management.

Jack holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Renewable Energy Enterprise Management from Newcastle University. His professional interests and specialities include topics such as waste to energy recovery, waste and energy reduction engagement strategies, energy policy, ethics, climate justice and water scarcity. He still attends and works for music events in his spare time.

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