Women4Climate is a new mentorship programme founded by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chair of the C40 Climate Leadership Group.

It signals a new partnership between C40 and Julie’s Bicycle, to promote and empower a new generation of women to tackle climate change and to give them the tools to become climate leaders. Women4Climate was launched at a conference in New York in March 2017.

Why now?

The Paris Agreement was a major turning point in climate change action globally. It also signalled a stepping stone for women around the world led by Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and Ségolène Royal, former French Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development. Together they have enabled a new generation of women to lead and act on climate change.

Why women?

It is well documented that the effects of climate change and environmental degradation have a greater impact on women than men. Traditional gender roles in many of the most geologically vulnerable areas of the globe place women in closer proximity to the domestic consequences of extreme weather meaning that it is most often women who directly experience the effects of our deteriorating environment. Meanwhile, women have less presence in the boardrooms of the energy, environment, agriculture and other sectors that make the major decisions surrounding climate change. That’s why Julie’s Bicycle have teamed up with C40 to empower a new generation of women climate leaders to help inspire action and change in the environmental movement.

We celebrate the work of women in cities that is under-recognised, under-represented or forgotten.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo, pioneer of Women4Climate, has set the intention that it is necessary for ‘women to be the future of women’. She is actively convening female mayors and deputy mayors around the world to create opportunities for womene. Women4Climate will continue to build the momentum created by COP21 to engage and enable leading women from across sectors in C40 cities.

Driving principles

Women4Climate intends to

  1. Empower and inspire. Women4Climate will contribute to the emergence of the next generation of climate leaders by sharing knowledge and experience through a global mentorship programme in participating cities.
  2. Inform and raise awareness. We will undertake research to fill the knowledge gap about the interplay between gender, cities and climate to develop inclusive climate action plans.
  3. Drive action. Women4Climate will launch an annual challenge to award the best innovations in climate and sustainability by female researchers and entrepreneurs.
  4. Influence. Make women’s leadership in business, government and climate organisations visible.

Receive mentorship support

Participating C40 cities will run a 12-month mentorship programme for women in their city. Ten women using their work to engage with climate change will be connected to a mentor, specifically relevant to their own work.

The pilot mentoring programme was launched by Mayor Hidalgo in Paris in July 2017. The first cohort of ten participants has been selected.

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