Creative Climate Justice Films

Culture has always mobilised change, yet has been largely absent from climate strategy. This film series explores arts and culture  as a movement, as an ecosystem of different parts - the artists, activists, organisations, policies and more, at the heart of climate action.

Featuring 14 global voices from nine countries, this series of Creative Climate justice films focuses on those working across arts and culture and bears witness to climate justice issues as the lens to engage the arts.

The four themes we have gathered around for these films are:

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“After three decades of negotiations, treaties and promises in response to the findings of thousands of experts the climate continues to heat up, nature is under siege and many across the globe are experiencing catastrophic effects; for those not yet at the front line of the climate and environment crisis it is only a matter of time. Taking action now, at scale and speed, is urgent.”
Alison Tickell, CEO, Julie's Bicycle

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Messages for COP26

14 speakers from across the globe come together to share the messages they want heard at COP26.

With thanks to the following for providing supporting material:

  • Disha A. Ravi
  • Jaspher Ewany
  • Budi Agung Kuswara
  • Small Island Big Song

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Youth & Future Focus

Six climate activists speak out about the work they do in their bid to achieve climate justice with and for young people.

With thanks to the following for providing supporting material:

  • Ackroyd & Harvey
  • Xiomara Acevedo
  • Darien Andres Castro Recalde
  • Jason deCaires Taylor
  • Drillminister
  • Jaspher Ewany
  • Andhyta Firselly Utami
  • Small Island Big Song
  • Love Ssega
  • British Council's Global Youth Letter on Climate Action
“Why have we left it so late, and what can be done now to repair and restore what has been lost? These are fundamental questions for all of us. Part of the answer, we believe, is that culture - the arts, creative industries, heritage - has not been at the heart of navigating pathways to a safe, fair and regenerative world.”
Alison Tickell, CEO, Julie's Bicycle

Contributors - speakers:

Adenike Oladosu (Nigeria) – Initiator of Fridays For Future Nigeria

Andhyta Firselly Utami (Indonesia) – Environmental Economist & Co-Founder Think Policy

Asena Günal (Turkey) – Director of Anadolu Kültür

Camila Marambio (Chile) – Curator and Director of Ensayos

Cecilia Vicuna (Chile) – Poet, artist, filmmaker and activist

Chuma Nwokolo (Nigeria) – Lawyer, Writer, and Founder of BribeCode

Darien Andres Castro Recalde (Ecuador) – Biologist and researcher

Disha A. Ravi (India) – Founder of Fridays For Future India

Jaspher Ewany / Dealrafael Jsp-E (Uganda) – Founder of Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop

Nidia Góngora (Colombia) – Folk Singer and Songwriter

Nova Ruth (Indonesia) – Musician and Founder of Arka Kinari

Philip Kusasa  (Zimbabwe)– Director of Ndau Festival of the Arts and Director of Paiyapo Arts Development and Heritage Centre

Serkan Taycan (Turkey) – Artist and academic

Xiomara Acevedo (Colombia) – Founder of Barranquilla+20, Co-Founder of "El Orinoco se adapta"

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These films have been commissioned as part of the British Council’s The Climate Connection.

Thank you to the team at Chocolate Films, including Nicki Lang, for your editing and patience.

Credit: Photograph courtesy of Xiomara Acevedo