Environmental Reporting for NPOs (2018-22)

Julie’s Bicycle is here to support NPOs. We’re on hand to review submitted environmental data between May and August 2021.

Julie’s Bicycle invites you to work with us to submit your environmental data for year 2020/21. Due to COVID-19, the reporting timeframe has been extended until August 2021. The support helpdesk is open and we will work with you to understand and report your data, between May and August 2021, at your convenience.

We understand there are some organisations who may find it impossible to complete environmental reporting due to the current circumstances. If you are in a position to report, please help us to understand the sector’s carbon footprint over this past extraordinary year. Your feedback will provide invaluable insights that will shape the ACE Environmental Programme as the sector comes out of lockdown, supporting the business case for a green cultural recovery.

‘Environmental Responsibility’ is one of the four Investment Principles the Arts Council England 2020-30 Strategy is built around; from 2021/22 onwards, environmental reporting will resume in full.

This year, we are making it simple. We are asking NPOs to:

  • Enter available environmental data (as per your funding agreement) into the Creative Green Tools, relating to 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021.
  • You are not required to submit your environmental policy and action plan – we invite you instead to use this window as an opportunity to review your environmental documentation.

We have created specific guidance to support you with the environmental report:

ACE NPO Reporting Webinar 2020

Environmental Reporting on Creative Green Tools

CG Tools Touring Guide 2020

Environmental Policy and Action Plan Guidelines

We are here to help, so please get in touch:

Email: support@juliesbicycle.com

To see the latest results captured from the sector, view our Sustaining Creativity Report which shows progressive and positive change.

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