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  • Posted on July 4th, 2024

JB Podcasts

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The JB team have produced a handful of unique podcast series for you to delve into (with more to come!). We hope these help you discover and engage with Creative Climate Action, and what it means to be part of this movement.

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Creative Climate Leadership podcast

Produced in 2024, the Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) podcast features host Emanuella Morsi unearthing remarkable stories of individuals leading radical and transformational projects in music, film, galleries, academia, activism, tech, design and performing arts across the world. Over 6 episodes you’ll hear stories, insights and solutions from the creative community.

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The Colour Green podcast

Produced in 2019, The Colour Green podcast features host Baroness Lola Young in conversation with artists and activists of colour who are at the forefront of social innovation – connecting climate justice, race, power and inequality. Our guests each have an intimate conversation in green spaces across London.

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Green Heritage Futures podcast

Produced in 2019, Green Heritage Futures is a podcast exploring cultural heritage responses to the climate crisis. The series hosted by Lucy Latham, looks at the importance of protecting cultural heritage in the face of climate change, as well as the unique opportunities of cultural heritage in engaging citizens and driving environmental solutions.

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JB team podcast features


Creative Climate Leadership


  • Chiara Badiali and Alison Tickell discuss COP26 on the INSIDE podcast. And Alison was also on the podcast to discuss COP24.

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