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In 2006, Alison (not Julie) got on her bike to meet some music industry friends at a restaurant called Julie’s. Over dinner, they dreamt up a future vision where festivals were powered by solar, flower-covered venues were off-grid, museums were community energy providers and artists were united as beacons for change.

This vision became Julie’s Bicycle, and 14 years later, we are a thriving organisation serving the creative community.

Story Timeline

2021 highlights

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2020 highlights

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2019 highlights

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2018 highlights

2017 highlights

2016 highlights

2015 highlights

  • Our Creative Green Tools were translated into 7 languages, as part of the European EE MUSIC project.
  • We produced A Letter to Leaders, gathering over 350 signatures from creatives supporting the Paris Agreement.
  • Coinciding with the COP21 climate talks, we supported the production of the public artwork Ice Watch.
  • We launched Fit for the Future guide on investing in environmentally sustainable buildings.
  • We also aided the Europe Jazz Network to create a Green Manifesto for its members.
  • The Show Must Go On report was published, on UK festival industry environmental impacts.

2014 highlights

  • JB produced its first research report in partnership with the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA).
  • Our cultural sector benchmarks were recognised by The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

2013 highlights

  • JB published the first edition of the Powerful Thinking guide to smart energy for events and festivals.
  • We partnered with Live Performance Australia to licence the Creative Green Tools.
  • A sustainability partnership with the BAFTA Albert consortium was announced.
  • We released the outcomes from our first Creative Climate Censusa survey of 337 arts leaders.
  • After consultation with set designers and production professionals, the Sustainable Production Guide was published.
  • We joined the Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) international consortium to promote sustainable interventions across Europe.

2012 highlights

2011 highlights

2010 highlights

  • We launched Moving Arts Volume one and Volume two comprising in-depth research on the impacts of touring for bands, theatres, and orchestras.

2009 highlights

2008 highlights

  • Our first comprehensive resource, First Step: UK Music Industry Greenhouse Gas Emissions was released, working with over 100 companies across the music business supply chain. Our research with Oxford University demonstrated that the UK music market was then responsible for approximately 540,000 tonnes CO2e annually.
  • We also announced our first consultancy project with Faber and Faber.

2007 highlights

  • Partnering with Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, our first project set out to calculate the carbon footprint of the UK music industry, establishing a partnership with Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute.

PICTURES (from top to bottom): Header – Leonid Tishkov’s ‘Journey of the Private Moon’ c/o Private Moon Studio; // 2021: Ed Hawkins and Love Sssega at COP26 – Photographer: Gaelle Beri; // 2020: We Make Tomorrow participants – Photographer: James Allan; // 2019: Camden People’s Theatre’s Fog Everywhere performers at The Colour Green podcast launch – Photographer: Angela Dennis; // 2018: Season for Change illustration by Lily Kong; // 2017: Creative Green awards winners – Photographer: James Allan; // 2016: JB’s Sholeh Johnson leading a workshop – Photographer: Studio Cano; // 2015: JB’s Lucy Latham leading a workshop – Photographer: Alick Cotterrill; // 2014: Sustaining Creativity Lab participants – Photographer: James Allan; // 2013: Sustaining Creativity Lab participants – Photographer: James Allan; // 2012: JB workshop participants – Photographer: James Allan; // 2011: JB workshop participants – Photographer: James Allan; // 2010: Sustaining Creativity Lab performers – Photographer: James Allan; // 2009: Norfolk & Norwich festival performance – Photo credit: JMA photography; // 2008: Shambala festival performance – Photo credit: Danny North; // 2007: Puppetry performance. Photographer credit: Contact, Manchester

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