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As the climate and nature crisis gains momentum, we need the arts and culture community more than ever.

Together we must focus our creativity on this moment.

Our Programme

Julie’s Bicycle works with Arts Council England to deliver an ambitious Environmental ProgrammeThe resources, tools, courses and programmes from the programme support cultural organisations to take climate action. We aim to empower the sector to rise to the challenges the climate crises presents, and to accelerate and scale our collective response.

The programme is for National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs), Investment Principle Organisations (IPSOs), but if you are from the wider cultural sector we’re also here to support you. Many of the resources from the programme are free and available to anyone working in arts and culture

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What can you do?

Many organisations are already familiar with the programme through reporting environmental data. This is a one of many great entry point for understanding your impact and reducing your footprint, but there is much more you can do.

The Environmental Programme provides access to: 

  • Resource library (featuring guides, templates, practical tips and reports) 
  • A Climate Justice Hub packed with multimedia resources
  • Carbon calculators (Creative Climate Tools) designed for the creative industries. 
  • Specialist support and guidance on using the Creative Climate Tools for NPOs and IPSOs
  • Annual programmes focussed on emissions reduction, justice, resilience and governance
  • A network of like-minded peers to share knowledge and be inspired by work from inside the sector
Resource Library Climate Justice Resource Hub Creative Climate Tools Carbon Calculators NPO Carbon Footprint Reporting Buildings Net Zero Energy Resources

Key Programmes

Throughout 2023-26, we have new programmes you can join to support you with your environmental action. They focus on decarbonisation, resilience, justice and governance. Find out more about these initiatives below.

Reduce Your Energy Emissions

Our Transforming Energy programme is for organisations based in buildings. It will support them to decarbonise and meet their net zero targets.

There are two strands to join:

Buildings Net Zero Energy. Join this programme if you are starting out, or have begun to reduce your energy emissions but are keen to do more. Find out more.

Capital Investment Ready. For organisations already making significant progress in energy emissions reduction. Applications are currently closed and will re-open in 2024. Find out more.

Board Environmental Champions

This programme provides training, resources and a peer network for Board Members of NPOs and IPSOs. It will enable them to build the knowledge, skills and confidence to embed environmental responsibility within their organisations.

This programme is now open and you can sign up to join at any time.

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Leading Resilience

Our new training and mentoring programme will allow NPOs to build resilience to future changes in the climate. There are two programme strands divided into ‘organisation’ and ‘place’.

Organisation: Senior leaders gain skills and knowledge to adapt and respond to climate change. They will focus on their organisations’ strategy and operations.

Place: In the following years place-based partnerships will receive practical support to adapt to changes in climate. They will work in collaboration with local networks to find creative and practical solutions.

Creative Climate Leadership Lab

Through this programme a new diverse generation of environmental leaders will emerge. It will support them to build skills and confidence to act as agents of change. They’ll bring diverse backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, ideas and solutions to address the crises. They will champion justice nationally and internationally.

Applications for this programme will open in 2024.

New Carnival Company, photo by Tracy Curtis 2022

Creative Climate Tools

By adding your carbon data, you will gain a better understanding of your environmental impact. Measure your impacts with the Creative Climate Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle for the creative community. Free to join at any point.

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Stories from Across the Sector

Read the latest inspiring stories from across the portfolio and see how the sector has been taking action. Download the latest Environmental Programme Annual Report.

Arts Council England Annual Environmental Report
New Carnival Company, photo by Tracy Curtis 2022

The Environmental Programme’s History

Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle’s Environmental Programme launched in 2012 and was the first of its kind.

It has built literacy, confidence and leadership skills. It had allowed cultural professionals the agency to act on climate change. Environmental Responsibility is one of the four Investment Principles that Arts Council England’s 2020-30 Strategy, Let’s Create, is built around.

Watch the animation to find out more about the goals and achievements of the environmental programme to date.

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