Creative Climate
Justice Hub

The Creative Climate Justice Hub is a dynamic library of climate justice resources curated for the arts and culture community.

The Creative Climate Justice Hub is for artists and cultural practitioners who want to understand the systemic causes of the climate crisis, how it intersects with issues of social, economic and environmental injustice and how arts and culture is responding creatively.

Curated content

An Overview

Resources and educational tools explaining the fundamentals of climate justice

Climate Justice in Britain

Resources exploring how climate injustice manifests and is challenged in Britain and Ireland

Around the World

Case studies of global impacts and creative responses to climate change

Imagining Futures

Art, artists, policymakers, and community groups reclaiming alternative knowledges, reshaping climate stories, and innovating systems

People and Networks

People, campaigns, media and movements to follow, support and platform

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Climate & Environmental Justice

Thanks to our partners and supporters

The Creative Climate Justice Hub is a result of programmes we have delivered in partnership with Arts Council England, British Council, Paddington Development Trust, our own Creative Climate Leadership programme, and conversations with justice advocates and pioneers from all across the world.

We would also like to shout out to Baroness Lola Young, Farhana Yamin, Jonathan Badyal, Diana Liverman, Yingbi Lee, and Salome Wagaine who have helped shape this resource into what it is today. 

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PICTURES: From top left to bottom: (Philip Kusasa – photo: Philip Kusasa; // CCL training participants in Slovenia – photo: Karim Shalaby; // Fog Everywhere by Camden People’s Theatre – photo Brian Logan; // Drillminister – photo: Drillminister; // Village in Zimbabwe hosting N’Dau Festival of the Arts – photo: Philip Kusasa; // Zadie Xa preparing for a performance at JB’s We Make Tomorrow – photo: Ben Darlington; // CCL training participants in Slovenia – photo: Karim Shalaby