Climate Justice in Britain

Historically, the UK has contributed some of the highest levels of carbon emissions in the world. The UK and the rest of the Global North has hugely profited from extracting resources, destroying ecosystems, and displacing people as part of the colonial system. Many of our current structures were built on the legacies of this exploitation, including our banks, land ownership, migration policies, and political structures.

Climate impacts in the UK manifests along the same fault lines as on a global scale; race, socio- economic class, gender, sexuality and disability all factor into the likelihood of being exposed to toxic air pollution; to live near waste incinerators and wastewater plants; to have more or less access to nature and fresh food; to live in fuel poverty; and to access the tools we need to sustain our health and wellbeing.

This Toolkit section includes resources from artists and organisations in the UK, highlighting the UK’s historical and modern climate impacts.

– Image credit: performance from Drill Minister – Season for Change

Creative case studies

This is it

A music video produced by six Glasgow-based emcees, filmed on the site of COP26, a response to the fast growing #letitgrow project started by the team at Oi Musica.

Worm: Art + Ecology

Worm: Art + Ecology is a growing online global community and curatorial project by Angela YT Chan, communicating intersectional climate change issues through creative practices.

D6: Culture in Transit

In 2017, D6: Culture in Transit commissioned artist Henna Asikainen to work with migrant communities in the North East of England on a series called Forage, helping displaced people to connect with the new ecologies and landscapes they are in, beyond the urban centres they are asked to inhabit.

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Additional resources

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Colonial Countryside

A child led writing and history project exploring the African, Caribbean and Indian connections at 11 National Trust properties.

Banking on Climate Chaos Report

A major report from Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack, Indigenous Environmental Network, Oil Change International, Reclaim Finance, Sierra Club, and Urgewald unearthing how the world's largest banks drive fossil fuel extraction.

The Ella Roberta Family Foundation

A foundation raising awareness of the dangers of air pollution and campaigning for better air quality in cities. In memory of Ella Kissi-Debrah, a child who died from asthma exacerbated by pollution in London.

The London Mining Network

The London Mining Network is a coalition of organisations researching the impact of mining and monitoring abuses of human rights, Indigenous rights and workers’ rights in mining-affected communities.

Drill Minister - Ecocide

An activist, wordsmith and artist, Drill Minister speaks out about environmental issues and realities of London life. His Season for Change commission Eco-Cide explores the British public's perception of the climate crisis.

May Project Gardens

May Project Gardens is a grassroots, social change organisation which uses nature, food and the creative arts to empower marginalised groups to address poverty, disempowerment, access to resources and influence.

Behind The Logos

Behind The Logos is a platform from Culture Unstained, bringing together resources from around the world to make the case against oil sponsorship of cultural institutions.

Shado Magazine

A multimedia platform capturing the inspiring ways and creative approaches in which we can See Hear Act and Do, to cultivate a culture led system change towards social justice. Their third print issue was dedicated to climate justice.


Black2Nature, created by teen birder Mya-Rose Craig seeks to close the access gap for people of colour in the UK with the countryside, providing support and educational resources about nature.

The Callan Energy Store

A playful, interactive space looking at the possibilities of community owned energy production.

Landworkers' Alliance

The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers whose mission is to improve the livelihoods of their members and create a better food and land-use system for everyone.

Counterpoints Arts

Helping to profile, support and produce art work of all types by and about refugees and migrants, advocating for social change. Dijana Rakovic is a project manager on the team and an alumni of Creative Climate Leadership.

Fog Everywhere

A Camden People’s Theatre production exploring air pollution in London, made by and with local young people

Can I Live?

Why don't we talk about it? Fehinti Balogun asks this urgent question and offers an invitation in Can I Live?, a vital new digital performance about the climate catastrophe, sharing his personal journey into the biggest challenge of our times.

Climate Just UK

A free online mapping tool which can be used to identify those most vulnerable to climate change and fuel poverty, aiding decision making for public service providers.

Climate Exploration Cookbook - Ling Tan

Ling Tan works with Chinese Londoners to explore the climate crisis through food culture, cooking and eating habits.


Timespan, a gallery in Helmsdale, Scotland uses digital technology to track the history of the village and landscape surrounding the gallery, connecting those histories to Scotland's role in the transatlantic slave trade and environmental destruction in the Highlands.


Selina Thompson and an intergenerational group of women of colour from Tower Hamlets explore democratic participation and the effects of climate change locally.

The Space Between

A series of interactive and participatory commissions imagining climate, community, and collaboration in Leeds.