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  • Posted on December 16th, 2021

Watch again: Climate Justice in Creative Practice

Jellyfish swiming

Climate justice is a framework and movement addressing systems of power that cause climate change, and that leave the people and lands least responsible for climate change the most affected by its impacts. It’s a wide ranging movement, connecting to many other injustices. Climate justice frameworks focus on the structural causes and structural solutions to the climate crisis, led by those most affected.

But what does this mean in a cultural context? In this webinar, we explore what climate justice means on a global scale, and locally, in arts and cultural organisations in the UK. We hear from Julie’s Bicycle’s panel of experts, Charise Johnson, Vicky Sword-Daniels, and Farah Ahmed, as well as our special guest Alexandra Alberda, Curator of Indigenous Perspectives at Manchester Museum.

This event is part of the Arts Council England Environmental Sustainability Programme, coming together with Julie’s Bicycle’s Creative Green programme. It is the first in a series deep diving into climate justice related topics – more details will be shared soon.

Event starts at 00:02:15 in video below.


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