Creative Climate Justice

Weaving climate justice through all of our work

The Creative Climate Justice programme aims to uncover the root causes of the climate crisis through social, political and environmental injustice lenses and explores creative responses.
Almigdad Aldikhaiiry_Degrees of Separation

Creative Climate Justice Hub

The Creative Climate Justice Hub is a free online library of justice resources, designed for the arts and culture community.


(IMAGE: Almigdad Aldikhaiiry – Degrees of Separation)

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Fog Everywhere by Camden People's Theatre – photo by Brian Logan

What is Climate Justice?

The effects of climate change are unevenly distributed on local, national and global levels, so it’s not enough to focus on the environmental and physical science of climate change for solutions – we also need to examine the interconnectedness of economic, political and ethical issues surrounding the causes and impacts of climate change and act accordingly.

Climate justice is both a framework to address historical responsibility for carbon emissions and reduce further climate and ecological damage, and a movement that seeks to redress the systems of power that continue to extract from, oppress and harm people and planet. Climate justice is deeply connected to racial justice, gender and disability, labour rights, land justice, the rights of nature, and environmental justice.


(IMAGE: Fog Everywhere performance by Camden People’s Theatre, image by Donkey Studio, photo by Joe Twigg)

Creative Climate Justice

Creative Climate Justice is Julie’s Bicycle’s invitation for in-depth and inclusive conversations about justice and fairness, why marginalised groups around the world are disproportionately impacted by the climate and environmental crisis and our creative responses to this.
Aerial shot of people holding a banner that reads 'Justica Climatica'

Creative Climate Justice Guide

We worked with Harpreet Kaur Paul on an introductory guide to some of the key issues and challenges of climate and environmental justice.

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Creative Climate Chats


A mini-series of our informal Creative Climate Chats with activists working at the intersection of nature, climate and social justice.

Lola Young and Judy Ling Wong laughing in front of a sunny bandstand
Lola Young and Judy Ling Wong – Photo by Yingbi Lee

The Colour Green Programme


Mobilising artists and creative practitioners from communities whose voices are not heard enough. Including The Colour Green Podcasts and The Colour Green Lab.

Season for Change


Julie’s Bicycle partnered with Artsadmin to deliver Season for Change, which focused on curating talks, a toolkit, commissions and events, inspiring urgent and inclusive action on climate change and climate justice.

Bright colourful illustration with happy person pointing to the sky and hands raised in the foreground
Season for Change illustration by Lily Kong

HEADER PICTURE: Fog Everywhere by Camden People’s Theatre – photos by Brian Logan

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