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  • Posted on February 6th, 2020

Livestream: We Make Tomorrow

We Make Tomorrow poster

Watch recordings from the livestream for We Make Tomorrow, our major summit on creativity and leadership in a climate emergency. Held on Wednesday 26th Feb 2020.

This provocative, intergenerational and action-focused event brings creative-cultural leaders and institutions together with funders, grassroots activists, policy-makers and the scientific community to explore what creativity, leadership and innovation means in the context of climate and ecological emergency, ahead of the crucial COP26 climate talks.

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Morning Session

34:08 Performance – Zadie Xa
48:02 In Conversation with Chris Stark, Committee on Climate Change
1:06:38 Performance – Abel Selacoe
1:19:43 In Conversation: Brian Eno with Kate Raworth, joined by Nabil Ahmed (INTERPRT), Zamzam Ibrahim (National Union of Students), and Alison Tickell (Julie’s Bicycle)
2:35:37 Performance – Ayesha Tan Jones

Afternoon Sessions

7:00 Performance – Climate Symphony
22:04 Panel – Movement Building with Noga-Levy Rapoport (UK Student Climate Network), Kareem Dayes (United Vibrations, Rural Urban Synthesis Society), Sholeh Johnston (Season for Change, Creative Climate Leadership) and Farah Ahmed (Julie’s Bicycle)
1:06:16 Performance – Ayanna Witter-Johnson
1:11:57 Panel – The Road to Net Zero Carbon with Afsheen Kabir Rashid (Repowering London, Community Energy England), Frances Morris (Tate Modern), Richard Ashton (Opera North), Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle) and Chaitanya Kumar (Green Alliance)

0:00 Performance – Sam Lee
4:58 Panel – Forging, Foraging & Regeneration with Jason deCaires Taylor (Sculptor), Andrea Carter (D6: Culture in Transit), Charise Johnson (British Academy), Nabil Ahmed (INTERPRT) and Baroness Lola Young

Summary Session

4:50 Performance – Cosmo Sheldrake
18:01 Jamie Oborne (Dirty Hit)
27:35 Drillminister, artist and activist
36:00 Farhana Yamin, UN climate negotiator and international climate lawyer
49:04 Phoebe Gussin and Amal Abdi (Roundhouse Young Creatives)
54:19 Performance – Bhanu Kapil
1:01:32 Summary by Alison Tickell and Tony Wadsworth
1:10:56 Performance – Laurie Ogden