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The creative climate movement is taking action with practical and creative responses to the challenge of climate change – and every single one of us is needed. This programme will develop new practical, relevant, and accessible resources for freelancers, producers and individuals making creative work. Designed in collaboration with the sector, it will support them to move towards sustainable, ethical and responsible practice.

CCL Benelux March 2023 at Koningsteen Center, Belgium. Photo by Moa Karlberg

Essential information

This is a paid opportunity for a small group of UK-based individual artists, creatives, creative community practitioners and freelance producers who have been practicing for at least three years. The group will come together to form a steering group who will collectively co-design (with Julie’s Bicycle) and contribute to new resources to support fellow freelancers and individuals making creative work.

CNFTF will be based around two half day online workshops (Friday 19 April and Thursday 9 May), and some home research. There will also be an in-person sharing and networking event with the Creative Climate Accelerator programme cohort on Wednesday 22 May.

How to sign up

Applications for this opportunity have now closed.


  • We’d like to hear from all kinds of individuals working in the creative sector. This could include: artists, musicians, theatre makers, filmmakers, directors, freelance producers, sculptors, composers, writers/authors, visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, fashion designers, dancers/choreographers, actors/actresses, poets, spoken word artists, and event planners.

    You must be UK-based but do not have to be working with a National Portfolio Organisation.

    • Two 3-hour workshops. Dates: Friday 22 March and Friday 19 April.
    • Home research. The research is to be done in between the two workshops, and can be done at any time. We expect you’ll spend three hours reading and compiling a summary.
    • One full day in person on Wednesday 22 May. This will be a sharing and networking event with the Creative Climate Accelerator programme cohort. (Please note: This day is paid as travel expenses only, so it is optional. We understand if you cannot join us).

    This paid opportunity is £50 per hour (totalling £500), with up to £50 covered towards travel costs to the in-person event.

  • We aim to maintain ongoing communication. We will establish a network of freelancers and individuals dedicated to exploring impactful climate action with you.

    Through your involvement in this project, we will facilitate connections with other like-minded creatives during the in-person event and possibly beyond. This not only offers networking opportunities but also opens doors for potential collaborations with Creative Climate Accelerator alumni in the future.

  • We will guide you through two workshops featuring discussions and hands-on activities. Together, we will determine the most useful resources and incorporate findings from our research task. As a group, we will create a framework for the resource, discussing its form and identifying key areas beneficial for a range of freelancers.

    We aim to create something that doesn’t already exist. Julie’s Bicycle will take the lead in developing the actual resource, which will be publicly accessible by the summer of 2024.

    These resources, shaped collaboratively with you, will assist a diverse range of creatives and individuals looking to initiate practical changes in their work, cultivate ethical approaches to climate action, influence others, or narrate stories about the environmental crisis.

    All participants on the CNFTF project will be acknowledged for this work on our website and in any online publication.

    • On the strength of answers provided
    • By demonstrating and evidencing a commitment to wanting to make meaningful impacts on climate change / environmental sustainability within your own work
    • On the basis that we have a diverse mix of people. We want to ensure representation of those most marginalised and often least engaged in climate and cultural activity. For example: those who are from the Global Majority, disabled, LGBTQ+ and working-class individuals
    • On the basis of a wide range of freelancers with different specialisms
    • To ensure a mix of those with some ideas to share across the three main areas:
      1. Making work about climate change
      2. Making work sustainably
      3. Influencing others
    • To ensure a mix of established and early career creatives, individuals and producers, and those actively applying for development funds (personal or project based)
  • Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

    You may also want to explore our Creative Climate Accelerator programme, or our  and  to find out when applications for other programmes open.


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