• Posted on August 24th, 2017

Reducing Emissions of CD Packaging

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CD packaging is one of the music industry’s largest sources of direct GHG emissions, accounting for a third of recording and publishing, and at least 10% of the total emissions, from the UK music market.

Julie’s Bicycle convened a working group of industry, science and specialist experts under the leadership of Tony Wadsworth, to scrutinise the science and the business of CD packaging and come up with some solutions. The group commissioned leading consultancy Arup to analyse the impacts and come up with some recommendations. In July 2008 Arup produced the report: Reducing the Impact of CD Packaging with a startling result: that the recording industry could reduce its packaging emissions by up to 95% by switching from the plastic jewel case to card wallet. Research into consumer preferences and manufacturer capacity supported the recommendation to switch from plastic to card. The majority of the record industry have committed to a 10% reduction in their packaging emissions in 2009.

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