Creative Green Tools

Creative Green Tools

Take the first step and measure your impacts with the CG Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle for the arts and culture industries.

Over 5,000 organisations, in 50 countries worldwide, use our free set of carbon and environmental calculators to record, measure and understand the impacts of their venue, office, tour, production, event or festival.

The CG Tools make it easy to measure your energy use, water consumption, waste generation and recycling, travel and production materials. The results can then inform your environmental strategy and organisational priorities.

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Find out about licensing services:

We offer custom portfolio licenses for organisations that want to support all their members to reduce their environmental and carbon footprint.

Accounts Features

  • Multi-level user accounts
  • Input and store impact data
  • Create reports per activity

Support Services

  • Data verification
  • Online help desk and webinars
  • In-person events and workshops
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If you’re an Arts Council England NPO, you can contact our support line via email or on 020 8746 0400.

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