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Environmental impact measuring tools

Julie’s Bicycle is investing in the development of new environmental impact measuring tools, in consultation with the cultural sector, building on the success of the CG Tools. Cultural organisations, networks and public funders will be able to access and utilise the new tools in a range of tailored ways.

Current tools’ development work:

  • Arts Council England is supporting future development with an investment tools grant. Follow the progress of the Creative Climate Tools project via our Engagement Platform.
  • Julie’s Bicycle has launched a new set of Creative Green Tools with the Quebec Drama Federation (QDF) as part of the Creative Green Canada  project  with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
  • Julie’s Bicycle ran a pilot project with the Sustainability Action Network to adapt the CG Tools for Germany. This included the translation of the CG Tools into German and using country-specific data for the calculations.
  • IMPALA, the European organisation for independent music companies and national associations, have launched an adaptation   of the CG Tools for their network, which will allow their members to report on their impacts.
  • An adaptation of the CG Tools has also been launched in partnership with the Danish Arts Foundation, targeted specifically at the arts and culture sector in Denmark. 
  • Julie’s Bicycle is working with the British Film Institution on a new programme to build environmental understanding and action across the screen sector. This programme will include the use of our Creative Climate Tools platform and BAFTA albert’s carbon footprinting tools.
  • Native Events, based in Ireland, is a partnership to deliver Julie’s Bicycle EU and develop the CG Tools, as well as sector specific guidelines, mandatory reporting and an independent monitoring body.
Event participants listening intently facing the stage
Participants at JB's Building Culture event 2017. Photo – James Allan

Tools’ licensing services:

We offer custom portfolio licenses for organisations that want to support all their members to reduce their environmental and carbon footprint.

Accounts Features

  • Multi-level user accounts
  • Input and store impact data
  • Create reports per activity

Support Services

  • Data verification
  • Online help desk and webinars
  • In-person events and workshops

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