Manchester Creative Climate Roundtables

JB is running three roundtables around Earth Day, focused on decarbonisation, ecological economics and social justice

Culture: The Missing Link – a lens on policy

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This plenary event, part of The Climate Connection, will unveil the results of research mapping national arts policies to climate policy, asking what is needed to strengthen the creative climate movement and mobilize rapidly.

Culture: The Missing Link

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JB explores the vital role arts and culture must play in climate transformation, with this COP26 event.

Creative Food Culture

Join us to learn how our food and drink choices impact emissions, ecosystems and issues of social justice.

Creative Climate Justice: On Loss and Damage

Join us for the second episode in our Creative Climate Justice series, to understand how cultural organisations can tackle climate justice, and embed responses in our work and creative practice.

Creative Climate Chats: JUSTICE

Åsa Larsson Blind will be in conversation with Julie's Bicycle on Mar 29, 2022, 01:00 PM in Copenhagen, 12-1pm BST.