Art Charter For Climate Action

Art Charter for Climate Action

The visual arts sector has united in taking rapid, ambitious, and meaningful action on the climate and nature crisis.

The founding alliance are the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM), Julie’s Bicycle, Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), and ART 2030. Artists, museums, galleries, academics, commercial industry and production, NGOs, and sector knowledge holders from all over the world will be invited to sign and benefit from the Art Charter for Climate Action and commit to taking action to support the transition.

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About The Charter

The alliance will strive for environmental values to become central to sector practices;

  • to reduce the negative environmental impacts of developing, producing, transporting, and
    exhibiting visual art
  • to support sector adaptation and resilience
  • drive for a more green, fair and environmentally just transition

It is our belief that only by working together can we make a lasting impact on how the art sector functions and facilitate a system change that aspires to influence global public activity and political systems.

Art Charter for Climate Action will be a democratic and inclusive alliance representing both the public and commercial visual art sectors whilst also serving as a bridge to United Nations political action.

With the support of experts on climate science and chaired by leading organizations and individuals in their respective fields, several Working Groups will develop frameworks for reaching the targets, aligned with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Climate Action Pathways.

By promoting existing tools and resources; sharing knowledge and best practice from across the sector; and utilising the power of art to drive people’s imaginations for climate action and sustainable solutions, the Art Charter for Climate Action has the power to inform and inspire positive change.

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