A call from our generation

Written by Jasmine Popova

The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of the contemporary era. People of colour (POC) in the UK can be as affected as those on the front line of climatic change seen in developing countries, for example POC have been found to be disproportionately affected by air pollution in the UK.

I myself am a secondary school teacher to a predominately BAME school in South London. I found particularly interesting whilst working with these young people, is that their knowledge and call to action regarding climate change, far exceeds anyone of voting age that I know.

As Greta Thunberg asserted, it is my generation and those older who indeed have the power to impact policy change with our voices, yet we aren’t actively putting ourselves forward. We owe it, not only to ourselves and our own futures, but the futures of our younger generations who will arguably be most affected yet do not have a voice to impact policy.

Therefore, this general election, I urge you to consider the climate crisis when you register to vote.

To quote Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Summit in September of this year: “The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say – we will never forgive you.”

Make your voices heard. Register to vote here.

#ItsOurTime #MakeClimateCount

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