Case Study
  • Posted on April 5th, 2022

Bush Theatre – mapping carbon reductions since 2016

The Bush Theatre is an internationally renowned home for new writing. Located in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush, we are an accessible and sustainable modern theatre. The theatre is comprised of two theatre spaces – the Holloway Theatre and the Studio – as well as our Library Bar cafe.

Bush Theatre – Reducing energy consumption

In 2017 the Bush Theatre undertook a major capital project, and environmental sustainability formed an important element of the programme of works.

We installed a green roof (sedum) over our auditorium to provide insulation helping reduce overheating in summer and encouraging biodiversity. All new lighting installed was low energy LED or compact fluorescent fittings with motion sensors used to reduce energy consumption.We updated our air handling system and improved insulation throughout the building.

Solar panels were installed on our pitched roof to generate our own energy. We now generate around 5% of our energy ourselves, the rest we procure through a green tariff.

Since our capital redevelopment completed in late 2016, we have seen a reduction of 10% in our carbon footprint per audience member. Our energy related carbon emissions have reduced by almost 60%

Bush Theatre – Saving Water

We have made changes throughout our building to reduce the amount of water we are using, through low flow water taps and dual flushing systems as well as more water efficient washing machines.

Over the last decade despite an increase in our audiences of just under 20%, we have seen a decrease in our water consumption of 16%.

We worked with architects Haworth Tompkins on this project and this was funded by the Arts Council and several trusts and foundations including, exclusively for our sustainability aims, the Western Riverside Environmental Fund.

photo credit: The Other Richard – ‘I wanna be yours’ – The Bush Theatre