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  • Posted on November 1st, 2022

Watch again: Arts and Culture at the Heart of Climate Action

Watch the recording from Arts and Culture at the Heart of Climate Action, a November 2022 event exploring how the arts and culture sector can be at the heart of the climate conversation and transformative action. This was an afternoon of conversation around the types of leadership, practices and policies that are vital to realising the true potential of the arts in times of climate breakdown.

This event was part of the Creative Climate Leadership Programme, a growing network of climate justice leaders, artists, policy-makers, scientists, and youth activists working in the arts and culture sector to lead on and strengthen creative climate mobilisation.



Music performance Kristin Amparo
Julie’s Bicycle, Postkodstiftelsen, Sigtunastiftelsen, Diego Galafassi

Opening Panel: Climate justice and the role of the arts
This panel opens the event by centering justice in the climate conversation. We explore the need for radical transformation, systems leadership and the role of arts and creativity.

Music performance Marte Wulff


  • Alison Tickell, director Julie’s Bicycle – Chair
  • (ONLINE) Emily Boyd, Director of Lucsus, Lund University
  • Åsa Larsson Blind, vice-president Sámi Council
  • Fridays For Future
  • Per Olsson, lead of Transformations stream at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Coffee break

The creative sector in flux
The creative sector is changing. Representatives of music, performing arts, galleries, film, independent organizations reflect on some key climate focused trends that are driving change.

Music performance Anders Paulsson


  • Louise Lindén (LiveGreen Festivals & Academy, Sweden)
  • (ONLINE) Liisa Holmberg (Film commissioner at Sami Film Institute, Norway)
  • (ONLINE) Jacob Teglgaard (Bæredygtig Scenekunst NU, Denmark)
  • Jaana Eskola (Finland) – Chair
  • Ylva Hillstrom (Moderna Museet, Sweden)

Policy dialogue and action agenda
In the context of climate transition, this closing panel addresses policy leadership and responses within the Scandinavian cultural sector by national entities responsible for cultural advancement.
On the eve of COP27, we invite a discussion on how Scandinavian countries are approaching the linkages between climate justice and the arts, what they are hoping to see at COP27 for the arts and elaborate on policy implications, new models of collaboration and funding.

With music performance by Marte Wulff / Kristin Amparo / Anders Paulsson


  • Alison Tickell, Julies’ Bicycle
  • Linnéa Svensson (Nordic Council of Ministries)
  • Solveig Korum (Kulturtanken, Norway)
  • ASSITEJ Sverige (Sweden)
  • Svenska Postkodstiftelsen
  • Smilla Ubbe, Aurora Movement Climate Activist