Case Study
  • Posted on December 19th, 2019

Curzon Cinema consultancy project

Curzon Mayfair

Curzon is a UK-based cinema company with twenty sites that wants to create and foster a sustainable culture – demonstrating and amplifying good practice and inspiring action within the creative community. With the help of the Creative Green team, Curzon has increased sustainability across its sites. Curzon has created an environmental strategy for all their cinemas to follow, ensuring sustainability and environmental considerations are a part of all daily activities.

Before partnering with Julie’s Bicycle, Curzon Cinemas had already begun working on environmental sustainability initiatives of their own. However these had not been aligned with their core business strategy and were not deeply embedded in the company’s values. Curzon wanted to develop a strategy and incorporate practical actions across all of their cinemas making sustainability part of Curzon’s working culture and repositioning Curzon as a sector leader on sustainability.

The organisation’s environmental strategy reflects its overall mission and values. Curzon took part in the Creative Green programme in 2016- 17 and established a baseline for its carbon footprint. The following year, nine of Curzon’s cinema sites were registered for Creative Green Certification, and rated 3* stars out of 5. Curzon Cinemas operates a Green Team across its venues. Led by staff, the Green Team is responsible for embedding sustainability and engaging other staff members on environmental impacts and mitigating actions for all activities throughout the organisation. The Green Team represents a core part of Curzon’s sustainability strategy, where staff are responsible for and champion their own actions to existing and new members.

In working with Julie’s Bicycle Curzon have begun to develop a holistic approach to sustainability which covers environmental policy, energy use, procurement, staff roles and responsibilities, staff training and mentorship, audience communications and events/programming.

Photo – Curzon cinemas