Webinar & Video
  • Posted on August 15th, 2017

Future Buildings

This webinar recording on Future Buildings, from 2016, aims to help you navigate your sustainable capital projects, from conception through to completion.

What does a sustainable building look like? How do you integrate environmental sustainability into building projects and applications for capital investment?

Cultural buildings define place, community and identity, where people can learn, challenge and enjoy collective experiences.

However, buildings are also a major source of impact on the environment and on our quality of life and work.

The way that they are designed, constructed, maintained and operated has a major role to play in determining the extent to which we can live within our planetary limits. Despite the opportunities, many capital projects currently fall short of their environmental aspirations due to conflicting priorities and a lack of knowledge, planning, expertise, and cost.

Julie’s Bicycle’s Fit for the Future Toolkit is designed to support organisations to overcome these hurdles and achieve significant environmental improvements in capital projects. It details how – through intelligent design, materials, energy efficiency, water management and ecological enhancement – arts organisations are beginning to realise the benefits of environmental action, from financial resilience to reputational benefits and audience development.

In this webinar Julie’s Bicycle are joined by a case study guest speaker for a live discussion and to share practical advice on developing sustainable building projects.

Our special guest is Robert Longthorne, Building Development Director at Liverpool Everyman.

This webinar covers:

  • An introduction to the Julie’s Bicycle Fit for the Future Toolkit
  • The value of environmentally sustainable buildings
  • Integrating environmental sustainability across project life cycles
  • Understanding, evaluating and monitoring environmental performance
  • Environmental technologies and solutions
  • Guest speaker case study – sharing knowledge and experience
  • Opportunity for Q&A

This webinar is designed for directors and managers in arts organisations who are developing, or preparing to develop, capital projects.

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