• Posted on August 23rd, 2017

Green Dance Factsheet

Dance performance

This factsheet, published in 2013, includes information on drivers for change and environmental action in the dance sector.

The biggest challenge we face as a global community today is the transition to a more environmentally sustainable existence. As the effects of climate change and associated concerns of resource scarcity, growing populations and ecosystem degradation become more tangible, we must all find ways to respond.

The arts hold the power to connect with, animate and motivate people. Arts organisations and artists hold huge potential to galvanise change; by reducing your environmental impacts and communicating your actions, you can encourage your supply chain and audiences to do the same.

All dance practitioners – dancers, choreographers, designers, production companies, rehearsal space and venue managers, tour managers and administrators – have their part to play in making dance more environmentally sustainable. In doing so, you join a whole community of arts organisations developing imaginative new ways of working that will not only reduce environmental impacts, but build resilience and ensure that weʼll be creating world-leading dance for many years to come.


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