• Posted on August 24th, 2017

Green Music Guide

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The Green Music Guide, published in 2009, is a ‘how-to’ for music companies and individuals interested in greening their activities: from touring to offices, recording studios to festivals. It is part of the Mayor of London’s series of Green Creative Industry Guides for London.

The Guide shows how the industry can meet London’s ambitious emission reductions targets of cutting its co2e by 60% by 2025.

The London music industry’s footprint is estimated at 465,000 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions per annum – equivalent to that generated by all the homes in Islington.

Packed with practical advice, the guide also case studies some of the many eco initiatives already taking place such as Hard Rock Calling and O2 Wireless, solar powered studio The Premises, and Radiohead’s 2008 concerts at Victoria Park.

The Guide is the second in a series commissioned by the Greater London Authority for London’s creative community; the Green Theatre Guide was launched in September 2008, the Green Screen Guide in summer 2009 and the Green Visual Arts Guide in October 2010.

The Green Music Guide has also been expanded into a dynamic online resource, with loads more tips and worksheets available, tailored to the key players and activities in the business:

  • Artists, Bands and Managers
  • Production Team for Concerts, Festivals and Tours
  • Promoters
  • Recording and Publishing
  • Studios
  • Venues

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