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  • Posted on May 30th, 2024

Rewatch: An Introduction to Climate Adaptation

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How Can Culture Become Resilient in a Rapidly Changing World?

As climate change accelerates, cultural organisations emerge as leaders in fostering community centred and imaginative problem-solving. Collaboratively, the sector must harness this power and develop cultural competencies to adapt and mitigate the anticipated impacts.

Much of the culture sector’s efforts on climate change focuses on reducing emissions and trying to prevent temperatures rising beyond 1.5 degrees. This is, of course, vital work. But we should also prepare for the impacts we are already experiencing and plan ways we can adapt to those which are yet to come.

The impacts of climate change, from floods and rising temperatures to loss of nature, are already affecting the arts and culture sector. For example, recent years have seen festivals disrupted or cancelled by extreme weather events and venues are struggling to keep audiences comfortable during record breaking heat waves.

This webinar focused on adaptation and resilience, that:

  • looks at exactly what we mean by these terms
  • explores why action in this area is so important
  • considers the ways in which culture can respond to, and prepare for, climate change impacts
  • hears from guest speakers already committed to this work
  • considers some practical ways organisations and artists can get started on the road to resilience.

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Delivered in partnership with Arts Council England as part of their Environmental Programme to National Portfolio Organisations 2018 – 2022 and 2023 – 2026.