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  • Posted on February 7th, 2024

Rewatch: Unlocking the Power of Data

As part of Arts Council England’s 2023-26 Environmental programme, Julie’s Bicycle is running a series of webinars to help organisations looking to understand and report on their environmental impacts.

The webinars will guide organisations on where to begin and how to use the Creative Climate Tools most effectively, to provide a carbon footprint focusing on the impacts most relevant to their organisation.

About the session

This first webinar explored accounting for scopes 1 and 2 (your organisation’s direct and indirect emissions) along with business travel impacts.

A second webinar looking at scope 3 (beyond business travel impacts) will take place on 25 March at 11amsign up now.

The format of the webinar is as follows:

  • Introduction & key takeaways
  • How to identify the impact areas your organisation should focus on including Beyond Carbon activities
  • What information you will need to build a solid environmental dataset to track progress
  • Where to find that information
  • How to use that information to inform action and track progress

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