• Posted on August 23rd, 2017

Stage Set Construction and Disposal Factsheet

Sets are often used to enhance the performance platform for the artist on tour, embodying the show’s artistic vision. Current industry practice is to transport the set with the artist whilst on tour around the world and dispose of it when the tour or specific leg is over (unless the set consists of aluminium staging or rental gear which is usually hired and returned at the end of the rental period – one example of this is LiteDeck by LiteStructures). The transporting and disposing of stage sets and designs can produce a large amount of GHG emissions and can end up being very costly in the production budget. This makes the construction and planning of sets a significant consideration when preparing budgets, and hiring the production team and crew. Be it the materials sourcing, the construction process (including painting and decor), or the storage and disposal methods, the lifecycle of a stage set under current industry practices is wasteful and poses a challenge to environmental sustainability that has so far been overlooked by the industry.


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