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  • Posted on June 18th, 2019

Webinar: Greening Your Capital Projects

Cross section showing the ends of a neatly stacked pile of wood planks

At a time when the urgency of rapid and ambitious environmental action is clearer than it has ever been, it is crucial that we invest wisely in our cultural capital. Whatever its aims, size and complexity, incorporating environmental principles and choices can help not only to future-proof investment but also bring additional benefits, from well-being to reputational and financial.

Reporting under the Arts Council England environmental programme has already shown impressive results – a 5% annual energy use reduction and £16.5 million avoided costs over five years, mainly as a result of zero and low-cost measures. There is still a lot more to do, and upping the environmental ante on capital projects will be crucial. While faced with an increasingly challenging funding environment, there is a lot of invaluable sector experience to build on.

This webinar aims to provide both inspiration and practical insights for cultural organisations planning and developing capital projects. Claire Buckley, Arts Council England Environmental Programme Lead at Julie’s Bicycle, shares insights and examples from JB’s work with the sector over the last few years on what works, what doesn’t and on challenges and opportunities. She is joined by Maud Saint-Sardos, Chief Executive of Wiltshire Music Centre, along with Beverley Dawson and Lynsey Rowe from the Arts Council England’s capital team, who share their specific experience and insights.

Download Claire Buckley’s slides

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Delivered in partnership with Arts Council England as part of their Environmental Programme to National Portfolio Organisations.