Our vision is a creative community powering action on climate change.

We believe that climate change and sustainability are manifestations of cultural values. Our vision is contingent on values that recognise our place in the ecosystem.

Our values come from a deep appreciation of the world around us; some understanding of how we affect it; and a commitment to bring to it our very best.

We bring:

  1. Understanding of the systemic nature of our environmental crisis and the unique value of culture in this context.
  2. Understanding of the accompanying systemic nature of solutions.
  3. Respect for science, information and expertise.
  4. Knowledge that there is much to life that is not material, but often felt and experienced.
  5. Appreciation of the company we keep, the creative people and organisations that inspire us daily.
  6. Drive, purpose and pragmatism.
  7. A positive problem-solving approach towards actions, ideas and solutions.
  8. Generous team spirit.
  9. A work ethic that values humour, scepticism and perseverance.
  10. A commitment towards collective optimism.

We try to keep everything that can be free, free, and everything else as reasonably valued as possible. We make enough money to grow a bit every year, but not so much that we lose our flexibility and relationships with one another.

We try not to be so opinionated that we put people off, but not so reasonable that our opinions are not heard. We try to scale things that work – stories, ideas, tools and art – as quickly as we can.

We enable the JB team to do their own thing as well as ours. We prioritise wellbeing and provide time for cultural nourishment. We encourage everyone to do a little bit of everything.

This is because we work better when we’re generous.

Unacceptable Behaviour

At Julie’s Bicycle, we are committed to providing a constructive and safe environment for all members of our community as well as our staff team so that together we can explore securely the complexities of the climate and ecological crisis. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our events, workshops and other activities. If we find that bullying is occurring we reserve the right to withdraw our support / access. 

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