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Good Energy are a Julie’s Bicycle Sponsorship Partner

One of Julie’s Bicycle’s core objectives is supporting the Paris Agreement Goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees by focusing on energy, the major source of carbon emissions for the cultural sector. We believe there’s an opportunity for the arts and culture to lead the way in switching from fossil fuels to renewables and to present energy as an inspirational means for societal transformation.

To bolster this transition and support the creative sector in aligning with this crucial international target, Julie’s Bicycle has partnered with Good Energy, the UK’s oldest 100% renewable electricity supplier.

We have combined our expertise to increase transparency and eliminate barriers around clean energy supply for the creative industries.

Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about our partnership with Good Energy, designed to support cultural and creative organisations, including theatres, museums and galleries, concert halls, venues, studios and offices to transition to 100% renewables.

Better Business video

Watch the short interview with our founder Alison Tickell to find out more about the cultural sectors role in delivering ‘Better Business’

Useful resources to support your journey to clean energy:

Sustainable energy sourcing

– Check out this handy infographic guide on how to source sustainable power for your organisation

Case study

See the impact our partnership has had on the sector’s carbon footprint saving in 2019

Case study

– Northern arts powerhouse East Street Arts explain why they transitioned to Good Energy

Case study

– We hear from the senior technician at Opera North about the progress made on energy management with the Creative Green and Good Energy teams – taking the drama out of saving energy

Case study

– Leading Lights: the sustainability champions making UK culture greener – a profile from Positive News

Case study

– Early adopter, Bush Theatre share their journey to 100% renewables, from 2016


– Watch this event replay, as JB maps out the road to zero carbon from a cultural perspective and how clean energy is key to this

Resource Hub

– Do you want to better understand greenwashing and how to read beyond energy company jargon? Check out this suite of resources covering all you need to know


– Here’s Good Energy’s 1 minute manifesto, outlining their mission to transform the world by empowering you to buy and share clean energy

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