Climate Culture: The Art of Becoming Sustainable conference

Climate Culture poster

June 7 – July 4, 2021

Onassis Stegi Cultural Centre, Athens, opens up the discussion on environmental sustainability and cultural institutions’ role, in its hybrid conference Climate Culture, partly curated by our wonderful JB associate Iphigenia Taxopoulou. Check out the full program and catch all talks via the Onassis YouTube channel via the link above.

Climate Culture features contributors from the fields of arts, culture, and environmental policies in lectures, panel discussions, and an audiovisual program comprised of films, documentaries, video and sound artworks, explores answers and best practices for a sustainable future.

Climate Culture asks: how should cultural institutions operate at all levels, in times of increasingly devastating human impact on climate and ecosystem? Do they have the power to bring about change? All sessions are available at the Onassis Channel on YouTube, and the conference comprises an online conference, a digital exhibition of related artworks, as well as a series of workshops in Athens.

In collaboration with JB, Onassis Stegi, launched its sustainability programme four years ago and was nominated for a Creative Green Highest Achievement Award in 2020. Now, the organisation hosts this event, exploring the role that cultural institutions can and must play in the climate emergency. Artists, academics, activists, policy makers, and cultural professionals will all be participating.

Image courtesy of Onassis Stegi