Creative Industries Sector Vision Announced

A person sits in a sound recording studio with an orchestra visible through the window. Graphics say Creative Industries Sector Vision

The UK government has unveiled the Creative Industries Sector Vision which includes £77m of new funding for the sector. It was created in partnership with the Creative Industries Council (CIC) which has, since early 2023, included JB’s Founder and CEO, Alison Tickell as a voice for environmental action in the creative industries.

Alison said of the Vision, “It’s really good to see the commitment in the Sector Vision to climate action as a priority for the Creative Industries Council, and I look forward to making progress on this critical agenda.”

The creative industries have a vital role to play in reducing UK carbon emissions and preserving natural resources, and the Vision’s 2030 environment objective is that creative industries play a growing role in tackling environmental challenges.

Some headline actions

  • The CIC will lead the development of a Creative Climate Charter, unifying the sector around shared goals and principles to drive further action in reducing climate impacts
  • Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ), supported by DCMS and industry, will provide tailored advice to creative businesses via the UK Climate Hub
  • The CIC will provide a forum for creative sub-sectors to share their experiences and best practice on sustainability and promote new initiatives and track the uptake of sustainable practices and skills across creative sub-sectors

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